Cloud based deal room

There are two points when it is critical that relevant information flows easily between investee and investor.


  1. When the investor is trying to establish if they are interested
  2. Once interest from the investor is established


Generally the information at stage 1. needs to be succinct and concise whilst at stage 2. the requirement is for a great deal of detail. The inability to communicate effectively at stage 1. will mean that there is little interest in a deal. The lack of timely information at stage 2. will greatly increase the amount of time it takes to close funding.


We use a cloud based deal room system (provided by GUST) this allows for the creation and targeted presentation of information at stage 1 - whilst providing the ability for investor and investee and investor and investor to collaborate at stage 2.


The invent deal room system also allows us to efficiently monitor the progress of a deal and provide, quickly, the right assistance at the right time.


The deal room system can be accessed from the box "On line deal room" which is displayed on every web page of this web site.


All registered members and client investee companies will have a user name and password which will give them access to the system. Which will only make available information that is relevant to that investee or member.