On line pitching

We do not have the 'normal' pitching events run by most networks.


This is  largely because the reach, at these events, is limited to those investors that are available to attend and are geographically close to the event. Furthermore, the network manager tends to become an event co-ordinator as he/she tries to fill '6 slots' by a specific date, rather than focussing on finding the best deals. The effect is to reduce the quality of the deals presented whilst only 'exposing' the deals to a small subset of the investor base.


The logical answer is to provide a system for on line presentations that are available on demand. The issue in the past has always been that these on line pitches are time consuming to make and expensive to produce.


We are using a new web based presentation service provided by www.present.me. This allows the presenter to sit in front of their computer and 'record' their powerpoint presentation and a video at the same time. The resulting pitch is then hosted by present.me and can be made available to selected people.


It is really important to appreciate that these pitches are not designed to be highly polished professional corporate videos - they are a chance to 'look the entrepreneur in the eye' whilst gaining a good level undertsanding of the problem they solve and the potential market for their solution.


Follow on meetings are then arranged - usualy for groups of interested investors.