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Platform Black - selective invoice trading

Louise Beaumont

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Platform Black

t:   08434 610200
m: 07906 245545


Platform Black is the online auction site for confidential selective invoice trading, delivering Pay As You Go Cashflow on Demand.  Businesses simply auction the invoices they want to sell to the best bidder, unlocking cashflow as and when they need it, without the hassle of charges over their business, personal guarantees, lock-ins, or notice periods.


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Edge Forecast

Affordable, fast and professional financial forecasts

Simon Thompson

 t: +44(0)1225 438438


Edge Forecast offers an unusual combination of software and consultancy to deliver tailored, highly affordable, financial forecasts to businesses seeking equity or loan finance.  Get the benefit of a highly editable financial model, elegant professional reporting and full support, plus a  typical turnaround of 48 hours from start.