The Invent Network for Entrepreneurs

The invent network represents a fresh, new approach for high growth potential companies who are looking to raise between £100k and £2m to help you grow your business to the next stage.


Your investors will typically be high net worth individuals and in some instances institutions that specialise in early stage companies. The investment will usually be in exchange for equity but may sometimes also include an element of debt. Very often there will be an informal syndicate of likeminded investors in a particular company.


Almost without exception your investors will want to take an active role in your business, usually as a non executive director, board observer or advisor. There will often be a syndicate of investors - in this situation you only need to expect one (or exceptionally two) of the syndicate members to take this active role at any one time.

Business Angels do not 'do it just for the money' - therefore it is extremely important for you to be sure that you are going to get on with your investors relationally and that they bring with them good contacts and relevant, complimentary skills.


The invent network has in excess of 100 investors most of whom are known to us personally and all are activley investing. We do not have members who are professionals whose interest is in selling you their services.


We offer three distinct services


FindIt - Accelerate, Maximise + Save


We will help you identify and engage with the best investment networks for your company. We will ensure that you maximise your chance of success, in the shortest timescales at the lowest cost.




Where we believe there is a high chance of success we will present you to our members. We understand very well what our members are looking to invest in so if we think that you would be better served by presenting with other networks we will help you with this.




Once you have investors interested it is often a long and tortuous journey from 'yes to cheque'! We will help you co-ordinate between syndicate members, lawyers and accountants. We can advise on the terms of the deal and generally act as the middle man.