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Investors/sources of funds receive approaches from a very high volume of businesses looking for funding. It is critical that you stand out from the crowd. You do this by making it very easy for the potential funders to quickly and easily understand what is unique and exciting about you.


The funding “landscape” can be confusing and intimidating to the uninitiated. There is the potential to waste significant amounts of time and money pitching to the wrong people and paying up front fees to sources that will never yield any funds.


We really understand how the ‘early stage’ funding process works and where you are most likely to raise the funds you are looking for. Most importantly we know how to articulate a proposition in such a way that it will get interest. We want to help you give it your ‘best shot’. We will maximise your chance of success in the shortest time scales at the lowest cost.


The Invent Network is approved by the Growth Accelerator for the delivery of their Access to Finance (A2F) initiative. FindIt qualifies for the A2F scheme. The result is that it can be provided at a significantly subsidised cost.


Please note that if you are not VAT registered then this scheme may not be appropriate. Please discuss with us in the first instance.


We will help you to maximise your chance of success, in the shortest timescales at the lowest cost. We will work with you on:

Stage 1: Deal evaluation

Stage 2: Deal Preparation

Stage 3: Deal Marketing

Stage 4: Investment Network Strategy


We want to make sure that when you 'come to market' for investment you are approaching the right networks and syndicates for your opportunity and that when you approach these networks they are prepared to present you to their invetsors.


If you want you can submit you initial application directly through our online deal room by clicking here. Most of the questions are not 'required' so, initially, you can complete as much as you want. We will then be in touch.


Alternatively if you click here you will be taken to the file download of the profile form.


Or email us at