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Deal Evaluation

The good news is that this stage is free of charge! In this first step, we want to evaluate if we believe that your company is deal ready and that there is a reasonable chance that the investors will be interested in you and, as a result, of you raising funds from investors. Being ‘deal ready’ is difficult to define in precise terms but it usually means that;


  • you have a valid and scaleable business proposition;
  • you have a credible and committed founding/management team;
  • you have an up to date business plan (both in words and numbers);
  • you have a reasonable expectation on the valuation of the Company; 
  • you are close to or are achieving early revenues, and
  • where possible, patents have been applied for and intellectual property is protected.


If you have already created an online profile we will use this as the basis of our

evaluation. If you do not have such a profile or if we feel we need further clarification we will ask you complete and submit a 2 page profile form.


Assuming we believe we can help we will then invite you to one of our regular clinics. These are free of charge and are held every other week, usually on a Tuesday morning, at the office close to J12 of the M4. There will be 4 to 5 companies at each clinic.


The purpose of the clinics are for us to evaluate you and, more importantly, for you to evaluate us. We will spend 45 minutes running through the funding landscape for early stage companies. Each company will then be asked to give an eight minute presentation on their opportunity, how much they are raising and for what purpose. We will then spend 30 minutes explaining how we work and what we expect to do for you.


Whilst you will not come under any pressure make any decisions on the day we both should be clear at the end of the morning if we want to work together.


As has been previously mentioned it should possible to fund this work through the A2F element of the Growth Accelerator program, typically the GA manager will attend the clinics. Assuming both parties wish to engage the next step will be for the GA manager to approve the project and process the application. Once approved work can begin.


It must be noted that we cannot in any way guarantee that by engaging with us you will be successful in being accepted for marketing by networks or raising funds from investors.