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Preparation for marketing the company

Network managers and investors receive information from a very high volume of businesses looking for funding. It is critical that you stand out from the crowd. You do this by making it very easy for the network managers and investors to quickly and easily understand what is unique and exciting about you. It is not adequate to email a copy of the business plan or slide deck with an extract of the executive summary. You will, initially, find it very difficult to get a face to face meeting or indeed a phone conversation. The network managers do not have the time.

They need to be able to quickly and easily gain an insight into

  • what problem are you solving?
  • what is your solution?
  • how many people have the problem?
  • what does the problem currently cost them?
  • why are you the best person (team) to provide a solution to the problem?


In addition there are in the region of 15 questions that a network manager or investor will want to answer, quickly, to establish if they want to find out more. Finally the network manager will want to be confident that you are able to deliver a credible presentation that articulates the main points.


What do we do to help? We will create for you a deal specific, mini web site that will sit in a sub domain in our deal room system. Using our experience as network managers and investors we will write concise answers to the key questions in a way that we know will be attractive to the target audience. We will do this using your business plan (and any other collateral) along with discussions with you. The mini deal web site will belong to you and can be viewed by anyone you invite to see it. Its aim is to provide all the information that a network manager or investor needs to know within 5 – 10 minutes. It is your web site and you can change or update any of the content we have created for you. Furthermore you can invite any of your contacts to view it.


We will encourage you to create a video presentation that combines power point and video. This can be done within the deal room system – it is easy to do and can be created whilst sitting in front of your computer (assuming you have a camera). We will review your presentation and if necessary make suggestions on how it could be improved. Once ‘published’ you can invite people to see your presentation which can also be embedded in your mini web site.