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Investment Network Strategy

There is a bewildering choice of business angel networks (the formal networks) that you could choose to work with. There are also a large number of syndicates and clubs (informal networks) that usually do not publicise their existence so you will not know to approach them.


Most of the networks have a geographical and/or sector focus and certain subsets of networks will in fact have a large proportion of shared investors. The majority of the formal networks will want to make a non-refundable, upfront fee that ranges from £200 to £5,000+.


So unless you have deep pockets you will want to make sure that you choose the best networks that give you access to the greatest number of active investors that are likely to find your proposition attractive.


We have a unique perspective on the relative strengths of most of the formal UK networks and know about, and have contacts with, a large number of the informal ones. We also know what most want to charge in terms of initial and success fees. We will work with you to establish an investment network strategy which identifies which specific networks are best for you. This will also allow you to establish a budget for your investment network costs.


We will identify and introduce you to three suitable sources of finance.