RaiseIt - generating interest

Marketing activity

We will actively market your opportunity as follows:

Web site listing

An overview summary of your proposition which is anonymised will be promoted on our web site. The detailed information will only be available to invited members in the Online Deal Room.

New deal releases

Once we are happy that you are ready to be marketed we will send out a ‘new deal’ announcement to all members – featuring your company and inviting our members to view your presentation and to view your details in the online deal room.

Deal room access

You will have access to your details in the online deal room and will be able to track interest and communicate with interested investors.

Proactive marketing

We will proactively contact those investors we believe may be interested in your specific opportunity.

Follow on meetings

We will usually arrange follow on meetings with members who have expressed an interest. These will often take place at your offices. However, if required, we are happy to host such meetings at our offices or other suitable locations. We reserve the right to charge you for the cost of such meetings.

Other events & networks

We run occasional ad hoc events such as breakfast briefings and events in collaboration with other organisations. Depending on the timing of these events you may be invited to present, such an invitation is entirely at our discretion. We may make an additional charge for such events, if this is the case you have the right to decline the invitation.