The Invent Network for Investors

The invent network represents a fresh, new approach to investing in exciting, high growth potential companies who are looking to raise between £50k and £2m to help them grow their business to the next stage. The investment will usually be in exchange for equity but may sometimes also include an element of debt. Very often there will be an informal syndicate of like minded investors in a particular company.


The invent network aims to provide to its investor members a low volume of high quality, screened and qualified investment opportunities that are ready for close scrutiny. The network is not sector specific all deals presented must have a credible chance of achieving investment growth and exit of 10 times ‘this investment round’ within a 5 year timescale.


All of the investee companies we engage with are screened by a panel of 15 active, experienced angel investors. We will only present those companies that 'pass' the panel screening.


The invent network is made up of high net worth individuals and specialist early stage institutional investors. If you are already actively investing in early stage opportunities or you are seriously considering whether such investments may be for you then we would welcome your application to join the invent network.


The invent network’s purpose is to provide high quality, qualified deal flow to investors who are “writing cheques”. As such we do not welcome professional advisors registering as potential investors - unless they are representing the interests of a group of active investors.


We do not have sponsors of the network. If you are a professional advisor with services that may be of interested to our investors or investee companies please see the Advisors section of this site. You are welcome to provide details of the services you offer.


So, why is the approach different?