Deal quality

There are two elements to the quality of a deal. The first is determined by an opportunity having high potential returns for the investor. The second is a deal that is ready for close scrutiny by interested investors. The best opportunity in the world is not really investable if you cannot easily validate the claims made by the entrepreneur!


The invent network only presents the highest quality of deal, both in terms of the opportunity and in terms of their 'deal readiness'.


We ask our panel of 15 experienced business angels to score each opportunity on three criteria - the deal, the people and the idea. We know from an analysis of at least 100 past deals that scores above a certain level indicate a deal is almost guaranteed to raise funds. We will only present deals that consensus tells us are the best.


We have first hand experience of how frustrating it is to carry out due diligence on an investee that is not ready for it. We help our investee companies prepare for close scrutiny and provide an online deal room to facilitate the sharing of information. 


By definition our approach means that the volume of our deal flow will be fairly low.


The majority of our deals qualify for EIS or SEIS.