How does it work?

I do not believe that crowd funding works for investors looking to invest significant amounts of money into an opportunity – however I do believe that the intelligent use of technology in a relational way represents a significant improvement on the traditional network approach.

The invent network does not run regular pitching events. Instead I use my skills to select those deals that I know are investable.

These pre-screened deals are evaluated by a panel of fifteen experienced investors who rate each deal on three dimensions, the people, the product/service and the deal. Only if the consensus is positive will an investee company be promoted to the network.

This promotion will take the form of a 5 minute on line, videoed, presentation, a standardised ‘mini’ investment web site and an on line repository of detailed supporting documents. Follow on meetings with specific investees for groups of interested investors will be arranged.

An online deal room will be available for all investor members to scrutinise current deals, monitor what interest there is and to record their own levels of interest as appropriate.