A Fresh Approach

So what is different about the invent network?

The invent network is a network created and managed by Peter Hopkinson. Its operation draws upon my experience of running three of the larger UK business angel networks over the past five years.

I believe that the way the traditional networks operate is becoming obsolete. The formula of running regular pitching events to a room full of invitees from a large database of investors (who may or may not be actually investing) does not work. In contrast I see investor clubs and informal syndicates and groupings working very well. The problem is that these less formal, smaller groups tend to struggle to find the quality deal flow and very often do not have anybody managing the whole process.

I have created the invent network to provide the greater reach and process of a network whilst also the intimacy and focus of a syndicate or club. The invent network does not seek to recruit a large list of members, rather it focuses on those investors looking to invest. It will identify those individuals who are prepared to lead a deal and then connect other interested investors to ‘follow’ them.

So, how does it work?